Yandere School goes to Greenlight

Created by Russian developers, the game for mobile platforms Yandere School will soon appear on the PC. Everyone in the Steam community can speed up this process and gain the ability to manage a favorite character on the computer. To do this, it’s enough to vote on Greenlight.

Do you like anime themes, tough punishments with rivals, an interesting setting and a pleasant schedule? Then you will like Yandere School. This is a game in the genre of stealth action from 3 persons with elements of the simulator of school life. Her computer version will get improved graphics for large resolutions and customized controls.


Who will you be at Yandere School


The main heroine Akari Furutaka is an ordinary schoolgirl with a difficult character. She is a Yandere, so we are waiting for a love story with elements of violence and serial killings.

The object of sympathy for a girl does not suspect her feelings, so she is ready to accept recognition from her rivals. The player’s task is to eliminate them. After killing and sweeping the traces, Akari will have the opportunity to open his feelings to his chosen one.


How to achieve your goals


The main place of action is a typical Japanese school. It abounds in secluded corners, where it is possible to neutralize competitors without hindrance. Achieve a set goals will help an impressive arsenal of weapons. It is represented by a variety of devices – from a conventional shovel (for instilling a body into the ground) to an incredibly sharp katana. Individual animation is created for each of them. Therefore, the desire to try them in the business will visit the majority of players.

After the crime is committed, you must quickly get rid of the corpse. The place of the last refuge of Akari victims will be the school garden.

Player’s mission:


       1.hunt down an opponent;

       2.imperceptibly to commit murder;

       3.hide the body;

       4.overcome yourself and go to the chosen one.


You will find many opponents, an interesting story, additional levels and much more. Want to enjoy all the delights of the game on the PC – vote on Greenlight.