Yandere school download on PC


Yandere School is at the stage of active development. Regular updates, new levels are added, gameplay improves, the arsenal and customization capabilities are expanded. The mobile version was estimated by more than 100 thousand people. The number of downloads has exceeded several million. The game is available in Russian and English.



Yandere School for PC



The owners of desktops were able to appreciate the life of the Yandere in the classical Japanese school and to bury a lot of secrets on the green lawn in the park. Here you can http://yandere-school.com/yandere-school-setup-v0-91.exe yandere school download on pc. The computer version of the game is also under development and is constantly updated with new content.



What can be done to speed up the release of a full-fledged Yandere School on a PC:



       1. support the game in the mobile version;


       2. to take part in voting on Greenlight. The full computer version of Yandere School will appear on Steam after a set of sufficient votes.



What to expect from a PC version:



       1. saving the style of the mobile application;


       2. Qualitatively adapted control for the computer;


       3. Improved graphical component;


       4. Modern screen resolutions that correspond to most monitors used.



Audience Influence



Active support of the project encourages developers to make maximum efforts to bring the long-awaited release date of the full version of the game. The result of a constant desire to improve the product is the introduction of new opportunities and the creation of original stories for the following levels. Support for the audience is a powerful motivation.


Do not miss the opportunity to evaluate the demo version of Yandere School. If you like it, vote for the project. Now there are very few high-quality interactive stories about real Yandere.


We are counting on you!