Who are Yanders?

Yandere – compound word, which includes 2 definitions:

       1) yanderu. Literally – mentally unbalanced;

       2) deredere. Used to describe the kind, sweet, shy characters of anime, visual novels, manga.


The essence of yandere


Yandere describes the character of the characters (often female). They have a lot of admirers among otaku, connoisseurs of Japanese animators and authors of manga.


This character is manifested by several parties:

 – a cute, shy girl who hides feelings with respect to the subject of her sympathy. She is ready for anything for senpai. Her goal is to make his life as happy as possible. Yandere can sacrifice himself to save him. She behaves impeccably in relation to senpai;

 – not knowing the mercy of the sociopath, who will stop at nothing to protect her lover from other girls, threats and outsiders who wish him harm.


Bloody finals


The end of the stories in which Yandere is present is tragic. First, this character is embarrassed and hides his feelings, experiencing a crazy, fanatic love. At some point, a psychological breakdown occurs. Anyone who is close to her senpai can suffer from jandere actions. In modern anime culture, there are many examples of how psychological metamorphosis ends in the consciousness of such characters.


Yandere are interesting. They often act as one of the main participants in history. These characters evoke a lively response from the viewer, even if they play secondary roles.

Yandere are very far from reality. They are cold-blooded, cruel killers, capable of independently terrorizing small towns. Do not be deceived, sincerely believing that the object of their love is safe. It is necessary to show their feelings towards another representative of the fair sex, change or throw jander, you can be sure that soon his life will be tragically interrupted.