Release of Yandere School free version!

Release of Yandere School free version!


We know how many fans wanted to play the game, but not all were able to do it.

As a New Year gift to all admires of our game, we made release of game which can be played absolutely for free. It has unlocked half of story, and right inside of the game can be purchased rest of the chapters and disabled ads. Army of yandere fans has grown by hundreds of thousands people!


Download free Yandere School right now


Development of the game took 2 years, since the beginning players feedback was helping us to move forward, players community made big support, especially artists of many fan arts.

It was now always easy to make game Yandere School, but challenges make process more interesting. Now project is done, it is big milestone for our small studio. We have already started work over new project yet has to be announced. Maybe someday we will make another game about yandere schoolgirl, but right now – see you later in game worlds!