Instructions for downloading games on Android


Yandere School is a real, uncompromising simulator, but a cute yandere who will not stop at nothing on the way to her love. The game is loyal to the system requirements. The minimum version of Android is 4.1 and higher.



There are 3 ways to install the game:



       1. download to Android directly on Google Play. To do this, enter Yandere School;


       2. go to Google Play from the home page of There is a button for the transition;


       3. use the direct link on Google Play.



The game is under development. It is complemented by new levels, content and capabilities. Despite this, to play in most of the chapters, eliminating competitors using the extensive arsenal of Akari Furutak, you can now.


Each gamer is available customization for game money or donat. Give your yandere a suitable appearance and equip it with additional weapons.


The game can be downloaded for free. Project support inside the application provides an opportunity to get rid of short commercials.


You can download the yandere school Russian version with all the dialogs. Available in English version of the game from the Kiev developers with a full translation.


Yandere School has estimated more than 100 000 gamers. They put the game high scores for graphics, setting, an original story and a qualitative study of history. Join a rapidly growing group of fans of real, hardcore yandere.


Soon the game will be available on the PC. Initially, Yandere School was developed for mobile devices. But as updates appeared, the need for presence on desktops became obvious. To support the project and bring the full version out to larger screens, you can participate in the voting on Steam.