In development #7

Yandere School – in development #7


In the computer version of Yandere School new improvements are made. Players are more diverse gameplay.

Original Animations


The development team is constantly working on improving the game. In the upcoming update, players will be able to evaluate new animations of the process of killing life using different weapons.

Unique killings appeared in the following tools of Akari’s extra-curricular activities:

  • screwdriver. The blow to the neck became quick and productive. The victim has no chance to survive;
  • ax. Akari cuts the victim’s leg and brings it down to the ground. A hard blow from the swing to the head takes the opponent out of the game;
  • sword. The classic piercing blow, applied to all the canons of dealing with the katana, quickly interrupts the life of the enemy. To pull out the blade, Akari repels the victim with his foot;
  • a hammer. Murder begins with a pat on the shoulder. When the victim turns around, she gets 2 blows – in the stomach and on the back of the head;
  • fomka. Akari tears his opponent’s throat with a blow from behind. To remove the instrument from the rival’s body, she rests her foot on her back.

Now the elimination of competitors has become more realistic. Akari very resourcefully shows the abilities of a professional killer.


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