In development # 6

Yandere School – in development # 6


At Yandere School, large-scale changes are coming. Developers tend to make the game more balanced and optimized.

 Eliminating unnecessary elements 


In the foreseeable future, the timer will disappear. He was a forced measure, since there were no other factors capable of leading to defeat, except capture at the scene of the crime. Now the teacher has been introduced into the game, so the timer is not needed.


Convenient hints 


The developers are planning to make the search for solutions for passing the level more convenient. Some players have experienced difficulties as the plot develops further. Therefore, it is planned to introduce a system of tips. They will appear near important objects and objects. This will not allow the game to become too easy, but it will help to eliminate the complexity if it is unclear what to do next.


 Improved Management 


Development of decisions regarding management is under way. Now the main task is to make it more convenient and responsive. This will allow you to enjoy the gameplay, not to fight with the touch screen. It is planned to integrate a number of innovations that will help Yandere School become more convenient and interesting.

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