In development # 5

Yandere School – in development # 5



Yandere School is at the final stage of development. The process is planned to be completed in a few months.

Final stage 


In Yandere School there will be a small number of levels. Therefore, they want to release it completely, not in parts. Now the development is aimed at eliminating errors, bugs and bugs in the code. An animation is created. There is work on voicing the characters and the formation of musical accompaniment.

The plot line of Yandere School will evolve and improve. There is a need to add a number of aspects and elements designed to make the project more complete and atmospheric.


 Exit to a new platform 


Fresh update on YouTube demonstrates improved graphics. It can be seen in the version of Yandere School for personal computers running the operating system Windows.

The processing of management under the PC is under way. The graphic component improves. In view of another implementation method, additional changes are planned in the content part.

In the near future, you will have access to the beta version of Yandere School for computers. Players will be able to rate 1 level of adventure Akari.


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