In development # 4

Yandere School – in development # 4



In Yandere School will be a new level called Nightmare. Players will go to the world of dreams of the main character.


In a Land of Dreams


In a new level, one can manage the lover of Akari Furutak. He must find a way to wake up. To do this, the school territory will have to find the main character, because only her kiss will help to escape from the nightmare.

Despite the fact that there are many female characters in Akari’s dreams, contact with one of them can be fatal. Touching NOT those lips, the young man will receive incompatible with life injuries from the frenzied main character. The level will have to start again. Everyone who wanted to see the kiss of Akari and her lover will have the opportunity to do this by plunging into girlish dreams.


Fresh first-hand information 


Do not want to miss the news? Join the Yandere School group “Vkontakte”. To fans of the game have the opportunity to follow the developments, information about the update is planned to upload on YouTube channel. In the next video, developers will talk about the game development plans, the estimated duration of work and possible innovations.


About the Game


Yandere School – simulator Yander in the genre of stealth. The life of the main character is filled with study and secret love for a guy from the second class. But in it there are regular kills of rivals, whose goal is to deprive her of the hope of happiness. The original setting of the Japanese school is an excellent background for bloody and dramatic events.