In development #3

Yandere School – in development #3



In a fresh update of Yandere School, developers have tried to maximize the variety of gameplay.



New Animations



Now the crackdown with the victim with a knife became even more interesting. The detailed animations add realism to the action. The process of capture of Akari by witnesses has changed. If she commits murder in the eyes of other students, a stifling reception from behind will be applied to her, and the game will end.

The transfer of the body on the shoulder was elaborated in detail. During this process, the gait of the main character changes. This gives the impression that the corpse has weight.



Minor Edits



Along with the large-scale updates, a number of minor changes were made to the update. They made the game more stable and convenient for users of mobile platforms.


Stay tuned for updates


Subscribe to the group “Vkontakte”, dedicated to Yandere School. There is a lot of additional information. Each participant can ask questions of interest to the developers.

Rollers about the game development process and innovations will periodically appear on YouTube. In the next video you can see the scene with a kiss and other fresh updates.

Recall that Yandere School is available for download in application stores. To enjoy the adventures of this janera in 3D, you do not need to pay money.

The project continues to develop and improve. Active support of the players motivates the developers to create a quality and interesting product.