In development #2

Yandere School – in development #2



Yandere School continues to develop. New additions and updates are coming. Akari Furutak’s story is not over yet.


Answers to questions


Many players ask if there will be more levels? Therefore, the developers decided to share their plans:


  • Level 3 will be added – Nightmare. Players will have the opportunity to manage Akari’s lover. The character will need to find a way to wake up. How? Find out when the new levels will appear;


  • Levels 4 and 5 will be added. They will have new plot twists, opportunities and rivals.


At this stage it’s too early to disclose all plans. But fans of Yandere School can be sure – the game is actively being developed. Constantly discussing new opportunities and further development of the project.


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“Vkontakte” for a long time there is a group dedicated to Yandere School. It publishes the latest news about the development of the game about Akari Furutaka. It is planned to publish a series of posts about all of its characters. Subscribe, so as not to miss updates and up-to-date information about the plans of the developers.



The work is conducted in several directions – graphics, plot, possibilities. Before the developers are complex tasks. They need to achieve the right balance to ensure a comfortable game. Therefore, the rate at which updates are released remains uncertain.

“Yandere School” is a complex and interesting project, the end result of which can be very different from the current state.