In development #17

Characters of Yandere School will no longer be silent

Until recently, fans of Yandere School had to read the speech of the characters. The atmosphere of ubiquitous silence prevented a complete immersion in the game and identification of the characters. Now the development is moving towards the final stage. Thanks to this every character has found his voice.

How was the voice acting

The developers conducted a large-scale work on the scoring of actors. They paid special attention to the choice of actors, because their voices should match the character and characteristics of the character. Now every fan of Yandere School learns how Akari, her beloved Makio Sono and other NPCs actually sound.
All audio tracks were processed manually. This allowed to achieve the best result possible with the available resources. Any flaws and falsehood were rewritten many times so that players could get the most out of the gameplay and enjoy the exciting adventures of this real Yandera in an ordinary Japanese school.
The creators sought to achieve naturalness. After all, intonations, pauses and emotions make the characters more alive, help to understand their motives and goals. What is shy communication Akari with his chosen one Makio Sono. He answers her with a confident voice and does not understand what she really feels about him.

Work done

At the stage preceding the voice acting of the characters, we had to work hard. Previously, all sounded the environment, the actions of the NPC and the main character. Now the final grinding of the game is underway, the code is being improved.
The versions of Yandere School for PC and Android will appear in the access simultaneously. Tentatively it will happen in autumn. A more specific date will be named a little later.

Your support

The way Yandere School looks now, and what it will be in the release, is the merit of the hardworking team of developers and the constantly supporting community. The popularity of the beta version first on mobile devices, and then on the PC, the output on Steam, conditioned by the voting of players, became a powerful stimulus for the development and improvement of the game, turning it into a complete, interesting, original product.
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