In development #15

Yandere School – in development #15



The world of Yandere School continues to expand. It is rapidly filled with small details and trivialities that make it more realistic. For some time in the phrases that were spoken by the teacher, there was a mention of the tests. The knowledge check appeared in the last update of the game.


Do not wait for very simple tasks. To earn 100% and praise the teacher, you have to try a little. Tests are a series of leaflets with tasks. You will be offered 3 answers, from which you only need to select one.


To conduct a test of knowledge in the class, a special rearrangement is made. Thanks to this the room looks more authentic. It is very similar to the current place of testing. The reward for the right answers to all questions will be the teacher’s praise and suspicion of cheating.


The world of games is gradually becoming overgrown with new details. They do not directly affect the gameplay, but help create the right atmosphere. Thanks to little things, Akari Furutak’s story seems more authentic.



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