In development #14

Yandere School – In development #14

Hello everyone, the second video of the week, wow!
Today’s topic of conversation will be the problem of witnesses to your deeds in the game.
What should the NPC do when you see your crime? In the real world, it would be logical to call the police. But it turns out that this is too complicated, cumbersome and potentially not interesting feature of the gameplay. In fact, although some players believe that the police are needed, no one is saying what exactly it should be shown and how it should act. On this all the same the police will not be.
Nevertheless, it is logical to expect from the witness at least some kind of reaction, because the whole action of the game is at the same level and with one environment of characters.
I propose such a compromise solution: we simply imagine that Akari successfully replaced its tracks and there are no evidences against it, and therefore nothing can be proved.
Well, the one who still saw her actions will simply become ill towards her, will run away from her and throw phrases like “do not come near me, the murderer,” but there will be no proof of the witness.
It’s true they say, geymdev is a search for compromises.
By the way, here is another little feature that gives a lot of depth: now the characters will notice which weapon you are carrying. For this, several additional phrases have been prepared.
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