In development #12

In development #12

Hello everyone, for a long time there were no new videos.

The news has accumulated a lot, so the next few videos I’ll try to release one every week. The VC received a proposal to make Yandere School videos longer. I try to speak with concentration and in the matter, however, the information density is so high that I think it will not be scary if you add a little water, or rather more detailed and interesting information.

Now I want to tell you about the apartment of the main character. Previously, you could already see Akari’s bedroom on the 2d screensavers. Also, initially the screen of the store where you could change our heroine had only an abstract 2D background. With the beginning of the development of the computer version of the game Yandere School, I wanted to change the main menu for the better. So came the idea to make an apartment for our main character named Akari Furutaka. Now the main menu has a 3d view.

Logically – in the morning we go to school, for this we need to go to the door, and in the evening we go to bed – we approach the bed. The rest of the apartment is purely decorative, except the closet. Here, at the mirror you can change your hair or change clothes. Its housing is very convenient, you can do anything or invite someone. Of course, we will not invite anyone, it does not fit into the gameplay. But if you cope with all the challenges that arise in front of Akari, the plot ending will please you!

Also I thank everyone who is doing the fan art for the game and I attach a few drawings that were sent recently. Subscribe to the channel or group in VC to not skip the next video, and vote on Greenlight if you have not already done it, thank you in advance!