In development # 1

Yandere School – in development # 1



The popularity of the theme of girls-yandere in games is growing rapidly. Despite this, there are very few really interesting projects that reveal the characteristics of insanely enamored characters. One of them is Yandere School by Tea & Cake Games.


Features of the plot


The game in the genre Stales tells about the everyday life of Akari Furutak – an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl, in love with her classmate. She feels strong feelings, but is afraid to admit them. Everything changes when another girl appears, whose goal is to get hold of Akari’s object of sympathy. The main character wants to get rid of her rival in the most radical way, hiding her body in the garden.

The action takes place in a typical Japanese school. The developers make every effort to make the setting interesting and atmospheric.




Now Yandere School is on the way of becoming. The game is made in 3D with unfolding features of the plot with two-dimensional inserts. It is developed for mobile platforms PC and Google. The project provides for several levels with a wide range of opportunities. At the moment their range is somewhat limited, but you can already evaluate the prospects of the original setting.


Stay with us


Follow the updates on the official website. We will post the latest videos and talk about the features of the game development. Download it in the application store for your mobile platform to evaluate the project’s prospects.