Developer’s diary №11


Prior to the release of Yandere School is a few months, so the developers of “Tea & Cake Games” decided to talk about the features of Chapter 4 of this game. Virtuoso eliminating the main character’s heroine is waiting for another blow. The threat of her love will appear unexpectedly. The fault will be all the ancient Japanese traditions.


Bride for agreement


The parents of lover Akari Furutak chose him as a bride when he was very young. By the 4th chapter of the game, she reaches the necessary age and comes to school, where she studies the main character and her senpai. A young beauty with fiery red hair is confident that she arranged her personal life, because the parents had previously agreed on her marriage. She wants to get to know her betrothed, not suspecting that she became the object of Akari Furutak’s close attention.

Chapter 4 will open a new milestone in the love story of the main character, and tell about her thorny path to the goal. Players are waiting for new dialogues and opportunities. The developers paid special attention to weapons.

Beloved Akari is encouraged. He appoints a meeting with his potential bride. Therefore, the main character remains a minimum of time to eliminate the annoying rival.

About what the game Yandere School


This is a story about a girl with a harsh character yandere. She seems to be nice, modest and shy. The main character is afraid to admit her feelings for the guy. But when a threat appears in the horizon in the form of other girls, it begins to act.

Yandere School – 3D action simulator with elements of stealth. To succeed, the player must use ingenuity. An impressive arsenal of weapons will help to accomplish these tasks. It was created in order to eliminate rivals on the way to the heart of the beloved main character.