Developer’s diary №10

Yandere School – developer’s diary №10


The game Yandere School is developing rapidly. A team of enthusiasts is working on it.

This update deals with facial animation. Instead of using 3D technologies, developers preferred the option with a change of frames.


This is due to a number of reasons:


1.animation is typical for anime, which is relevant and relevant in this setting;

2.change of staff – more budgetary technology. Despite this, it provides an opportunity to implement a variety of options for expressing emotions, create quality animation and speech;

3.In combination with the forthcoming voice acting, the frame-by-frame change of the facial expression will look as natural as possible.



What is good frame-by-frame animation?



Single-frame animation is less demanding compared to the 3D analog. She allowed to give maximum attention to the quality of drawing. Each frame looks great from different angles. The artist made every effort to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. Therefore, all fans of anime will be pleased to look at the faces of the characters and it is easier to dive into the setting.

Such global efforts took less time than reviving the 3D face model. This had a positive impact on the speed of development, and also allowed to meet the stated deadlines for the release of the full mobile and computer versions of the game.





What is Yandere School



The game tells the story of Akari Furutak – a schoolgirl from an ordinary Japanese educational institution. She fell in love with a classmate, and is ready to do anything to be with him.

But the main character has one feature. She is a Yandere. Soft, shy, sweet and modest with her chosen one, Akari can at any moment coolly destroy his rivals.

Playing in the Yandere School, you have to kill a lot. It’s easy, because to the services of the main character is an impressive arsenal of weapons.