January 5, 2017

In development #2

Yandere School – in development #2     Yandere School continues to develop. New additions and updates are coming. Akari Furutak’s story is not over yet.   Answers to questions   Many players ask if there will be more levels? Therefore, the developers decided to share their plans:   Level 3 will be added – Nightmare. Players will have the opportunity to manage Akari’s lover. The character will need to find a way to wake up. How? Find out when the new levels will appear;   Levels 4 and 5 will be added. ...
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  December 25, 2016

In development # 1

Yandere School – in development # 1     The popularity of the theme of girls-yandere in games is growing rapidly. Despite this, there are very few really interesting projects that reveal the characteristics of insanely enamored characters. One of them is Yandere School by Tea & Cake Games.   Features of the plot   The game in the genre Stales tells about the everyday life of Akari Furutak – an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl, in love with her classmate. She ...
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