Akari Furutaka is the main character Yandere School


Akari Furutaka is an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl. She goes to school, goes for school and talks with her classmates. But in the nature of the girl there is one feature that distinguishes her from other students. She is a yandere. Under the guise of a modest, shy girl, a ruthless killer hides, pursuing one goal – not letting other girls take their senpai away.


Love story


The choice of Akari fell on a classmate. Her mind was seized with the first love. But the girl is embarrassed to open her feelings to her chosen one. She surrenders to dreams and admires from afar the object of her passion.

Once Akari finds out that her classmate is not indifferent to her choice. Unlike her, this girl has the courage to make a confession.

The life of the main character changes. It sets a goal at all costs to get rid of the rival. Because she dared to think about her boyfriend, she must pay with her life.

From this point on, a story begins that every player can continue. Akari Furutaka is the main heroine of the game Yandere School. Help her to find happiness and reciprocity.


The goal is to get the senpai


Despite the young age, Akari skillfully handles domestic objects and cold steel. The original animation for each of them will cause the desire to use all methods of eliminating competitors who had the imprudence of falling in love with the wrong guy.

But in order not to lose the lover forever, Akari will have to act secretly. If the murder is proven, all the work will be in vain. When deciding to stab a knife, ax, screwdriver, katana or other sharp objects into the body of another victim, the player must be as careful as possible.

Akari is smart enough to understand – you need to get rid of dead bodies quickly. For this purpose the school garden and well-sharpened shovel will suit. Help the main heroine overcome all difficulties on the way to reunification with your beloved.