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In development #16

Yandere School – the last steps to the final release

Yandere School is already at the final stage of development. By the beginning of autumn 2017 the game will be completely ready. It will be available on Windows and Android platforms.
At the moment, the mechanic is being polished. Developers bring shine into the final version of the game. In the near future work will begin on the voice acting of the characters, so that every fan of the game will learn exactly how Akari and other characters of Yandere School speak.

Executed work

Recently, we managed to finish a large layer of work on the game:
• Completely completed the story. It turned out to be more extensive than planned. It has a lot of third-party events that make the game world more alive. Players are waiting for an exciting and seamlessly woven into the concept of the plot.
• Full translation into English. The worship community of Yandere School abroad is very large. Therefore, the presence of English-language adaptation will contribute to a more successful promotion on Steam. This will allow to develop the project and create new games.
• All levels and actions of the characters are announced. The environment became even more alive. Integration of the impact on another organ of perception provides a deeper immersion in the game.
• Written all the NPC behavior scripts in the classes. Watching Akari Furutak’s classmates become even more interesting. Many characters have unique functions that distinguish them from other NPCs. This has a positive effect on immersion in the game.
Such progress required considerable efforts. It remains to voice the characters themselves and improve the game on different platforms.

Yandere School – a special stealth action

Setting the game has undergone many changes. It has become more profound and interesting. Yandere School proposes to take control of Akari Furutak – the real Yandere, who is ready to eliminate any obstacle in his path for the sake of love.
Players are waiting for the most sophisticated ways of killing with the help of a vast arsenal of weapons. The creators made impressive opportunities for customizing Akari Furutak. Change your hair, clothes and accessories. Pass Yandere School as you want.
In order not to miss the release of the game and follow the relevant news, join the social group of the same name on the social networks, subscribe to the YouTube channel.
Very soon, Yandere School will appear in all its glory. Be among the first to launch the full version of the popular stealth-action in an ordinary Japanese school.

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