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In development #8

Yandere School – in development #8



Yandere School continues to be replenished with new details and elements that will enhance its realism. Not having a special effect on the gameplay factors will help create a special atmosphere, well familiar to all fans of anime school subjects.

 Original NPC 


Yandere School has a new character with unique replicas. A stylish and attractive nurse can now be found in the medical office, as well as other locations of the school. In each chapter, it will sound unique replicas. Players will have the opportunity to learn her career history.

The model is perfectly drawn and has a very interesting outfit. With this blonde, you can talk if you visit a medical office or find it in another location (for example, in a school canteen).

At this stage, the interaction is reduced to different comments and comments. For example, that Akari does not look sick and will not be able to get exemption from school.


 Get news first 


To follow the updates, it is enough to join the group dedicated to Yandere School “Vkontakte”. There you can find the latest news and chat with the developers. The group continues to develop. There are many active fans who are ready to share their creativity.

You can follow the updates on our YouTube channel. Subscribe! There are regularly published interesting videos that will help keep up to date on what is happening in the world of Yandere School.


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